10 Best Overwatch Characters - Ranked

In a sea of perfection, who gets the top spot?


Overwatch is a game filled to brim with colourful, diverse, and most importantly, fun characters. If you haven’t read my 10 worst characters list, I’d highly suggest you do so first, as with before we’ll be looking at and scoring each hero in three separate categories, before giving them a final, overall number. The categories are backstory and character concept, abilities and playstyle, then finally, design and skins.

What makes a successful Overwatch character?

They need to be interesting for a start, as it’s not easy to invest about a character with no nuance or backstory. The general rule is that the more unique, the better, but even if the concept it fairly simple, they’ll be worth a mention if they do something particularly well. Useful abilities and an enjoyable playstyle are an absolute must too, because why even bother picking them if they’re anything close to generic?

Lastly, visuals and design are key, as they help us invest ourselves in embodying that character. We’re more likely to enjoy their presence, playing as and even immortalising them as a desktop wallpaper of cosplay if they look great.

Let me know your own absolute best heroes in the comments below.

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