10 Best Overwatch Characters - Ranked

10. Genji


Backstory: Whilst Genji’s backstory isn’t the most creative ever, it’s far from bland, and all of the story interaction with both his brother Hanzo and mentor Zenyatta really help flesh out what actual story there is in Overwatch. 7/10

Abilities: Genji is an absolute treat to play, and he offers challenge too. His abilities all feel like they have a legitimate use, and he’s varied enough that you’ll need to stay on your toes to make judgment of which ability best suits a situation. Simply launching shuriken at an enemy is not always the best option.

He can reflect projectiles, and can often be used to effectively take down an enemy Bastion. His ult temporarily grants him a deadly melee weapon, and takes a little planning to use, lest you find yourself quickly back at the spawn. The great thing about Genji, is that he actually feels like a ninja. 8/10

Design: Genji certainly runs the risk of looking more than a little silly, with his white and neon green armour, but there’s enough design features and bits of detail to save this from happening. His re-colours are a little too vibrant, but those legendaries are solid, and his Oni skin can be genuinely frightening when charging towards you in a dark corner of the map. 7/10

Score: 7.5/10

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