10 Best PS5 Games According To YOU

The results may surprise you!

horizon forbidden west
Guerrilla Games

Who is the biggest authority when it comes to judging video games? Is it the critics who review them? Is it the companies who make them? Or perhaps the industry professionals who give them awards? Well, as much power as all of them have, really, it's the players.

Exploring games with high user scores is an enlightening way to see what titles resonate with audiences, and the PlayStation 5 ranks high.

Looking at which PS5 games have the highest ratings from players leads to some fascinating results, and there are many surprises along the way when putting those results into a top ten ranking. So, let's do that!

This list will be measured by which games have the highest Metacritic user scores and will only include PlayStation exclusives. Games with PC ports still count, so long as they can't be played on rival consoles.

Additionally, timed exclusives will not qualify. This, unfortunately, disqualifies Stray and GhostWire: Tokyo, which both eventually got released on other consoles. However, they deserve an honourable mention, so raise your hats to them here.

That aside, these are the PS5 games that you, the player, deemed best!

10. Horizon Forbidden West (7.9)

horizon forbidden west
Guerrilla Games

This list starts off with a bang, as one of the most prolific new-age PlayStation exclusives breaks us in.

Horizon Zero Dawn took the gaming world by storm in 2017 with its unique sci-fi concept, compelling protagonist, and impressive open world. It should come as no surprise that the sequel managed to maintain all of this while adding even more and expanding on the game's prestige.

Forbidden West ups the ante in many ways. It introduces more machines, adds further depth to the skill-tree options, continues the engaging story of Aloy, features stellar side characters, and introduces some of the best underwater gameplay you'll find in a video game. This is a real shock as gamers and underwater levels tend to mesh about as well as swimwear on a nudist beach.

It's also easy to call the game beautiful, as its environments, characters, and enemies are startlingly good-looking. They're rendered with such detail and prowess that you'll get sucked into it in a snap.

Starting with this game is a fitting sign of the high-quality users expect when picking out the best PS5 exclusives. It's safe to say that PlayStation gamers have great taste.


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