10 Best Reviewed Video Games You Didn't Play

Incredible reviews doesn't guarantee an audience.

marvels midnight suns

As the video game landscape continues to become populated with AAA blockbusters and indie darlings, there’s never a shortage of fantastic games to discover. However, the downside of having so many titles readily at our fingertips means that it becomes increasingly harder for these games to find a home with audiences, even if they're showered with nothing but praise from critics.

Whereas some highly acclaimed games will become instant hits, there are others that eventually garner an audience over time, transforming into cult classics.

Even with an immaculate critical reception, there are unfortunately just as many outstanding games that have yet to receive the attention from the wider audiences that they deserve.

Although most of these under-appreciated masterpieces tend to be small games from even smaller studios, there are plenty of high-profile releases that, for whatever reason, were unable to resonate with players.

Often containing unique gameplay mechanics and unforgettable stories, there’s a reason these games received raving reviews. Although it's impossible to play every game out there, these are just some of the highest rated titles that have managed to slip under the radar.

10. Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy (2021)

marvels midnight suns
Square Enix

Thanks to their trio of big budget blockbusters, ragtag superhero ensemble the Guardians Of The Galaxy have become some of the most recognisable comic book characters in recent years. Their popularity alone should have led to excellent sales for Square Enix’s Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy. However, this title had everything working against it from the start.

Not only were fans of the comics and films taken aback by the characters’ new designs, but there was likewise still a bad taste left after the microtransaction-heavy mess that was Marvel’s Avengers from the previous year.

Consequently, this game released without much audience fanfare. Despite receiving masses of praise from critics and those who did play the game (with the title sitting at a commendable 80 on Metacritic), acclaim alone wasn't enough to earn sales.

Boasting slick and zippy combat and exploration that utilised each of the Guardians’ unique abilities, this game was simply a blast to play.

Moreover, the writing is genuinely hilarious. The constant back-and-forth between the characters made for a riotous fun time. But it's the surprising amount of heart at the centre of the Guardians' galaxy-saving misadventure which cements this game as one of the best superhero outings of all time.


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