10 Best RPG Characters Of The Last 10 Years

The characters whose dialogue nobody wanted to skip!

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Imagine you jumped into a role-playing game with amazing combat and a dense world, but the characters were so boring they made you want to chew drywall. Okay, maybe you could have fun with the gameplay, but the whole thing would feel hollow, right? Well, that is why it's vital for video games to have good characters.

The role-playing genre thrives on its ability to immerse you in fascinating new worlds and give you meaningful experiences. As such, most of them are bursting at the seams with great NPCs and protagonists to give you a reason to join factions, seek romance, battle villains, and more.

As such, there's no denying the amount of high competition among the best RPG characters.

Gaming has seen a metric tonne of memorable RPG figures, especially in the last decade. Still, some are so great that they rise above the rest, wowing players and winning everyone's hearts.

The following ten characters are the cream of that crop. Their personalities, impact on their respective games, cultural footprints and more make them all exceptional, and this list is going to rank them.

10. Prince Sidon - Legend Of Zelda BOTW/TOTK (2017/2023)

Panam Cyberpunk 2077

Look, he's a loveable himbo who screams compliments at you; what's not to like?

Prince Sidon, heir to the throne of Zora's Domain, is a character introduced in Breath of the Wild. He played a big role in the title, working alongside Link to free Divine Beast Van Ruta.

He then reappeared in Tears of the Kingdom and helped you traverse the Water Temple, eventually becoming The Sage of Water. In many ways, he really is your watery best friend.

There certainly are a lot of memorable characters in the new Legend of Zelda games, but Sidon stands out. He captured the hearts of players like a fairy in a jar, winning them over with his infectious optimism, determination, and winning smile.

Still, he's no slouch, as he backs his goofiness up with excellent fighting skills. His upbeat attitude is also layered with hints of tragedy, especially with the loss of his older sister, Mipha - something that was further explored in TOTK with his fiance, Yona.

Overall, he is a likeable and well-rounded companion that even the haters adore.


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