10 Best RPG Villains Of All Time

It's good to be bad, especially if it makes you infamous.

CD Projekt RED

The hallmark of any good versus evil story often rests on the standard of the villain. Much like a superhero needs their counterpart, a rich and engrossing RPG needs a strong antagonist.

After all, what's the point in conquering many pitfalls, challenges and evils along the way if you're only going to get a lacklustre, forgettable denouement for your troubles?

Yet what makes a villain great isn't always a black and white, "I must destroy the world for reasons" mindset. Sure, there are some of those in this list, but they at least have reasons why they want to do it.

Not always, though. Some are just so dastardly that they've earned their place on this list by sheer evil determination, which you can't help but admire. Well, from afar.

Preferably another planet.

Mad princes, clones, insane clowns and even those that just want to defy god and/or fate, they're all here. There are even some you get to play as, which really gives you a glimpse into the psyche of those that want to see the world burn, or destroyed... they're not fussy.

It was hard enough to pick ten, but in the end, only one can reign supreme. Do you agree with these rankings, or who would be in your top spot?

Better still: who would you have face off against each other? Let us know below.


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