10 Best RPG Villains Of All Time

9. General Baal - Grandia

Witcher 3 gaunter o dimm

And now, completely contradicting the last point, is a villain that just wants to wipe humanity from the face of the earth.

Grandia isn't a complicated RPG in terms of story, but then again, does it have to be? What's wrong with a game full of charm dialing down all the double crossing and plot twists, for some ol' fashioned "hero saves day" shenanigans?

General Baal is our humanity destroying force in this adventure, yet the slow build in the first half would have you thinking otherwise. He spends most of it as a backseat driver to his colonel of a son, Mullen, as he acts out Operation Yggdrasil.

But when the story picks up the pace, we discover that General Baal is nutter-butters insane. Like, hell-bent on ridding the world of humanity insane.

And of course, he releases and becomes one with the world-destroying force, Gaia, because that's what madmen do.

Look, I'm not saying it's original, but Grandia deserves the love for injecting some normality into well, grandiose RPG's. It's bright, it's silly at times, but its cavalcade of cartoon villainy makes it worth a look.


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