10 Best RPGs Of 2018

Swashbuckling, spells, swordfighting and... Spanish flu?!


RPGs have been around pretty about as long as gaming has been a household hobby, so it's no surprise that role-playing mechanics have really started to influence practically every other genre.

Take, for example, level progression in the latest Assassin's Creed games, God of War's gear upgrades, or skill trees in action fare like Spider-Man. You might have once expected a certain experience from an RPG, but that experience is now far more fluid; even genre stalwarts like Final Fantasy have shifted away from the traditional, turn-based mechanics that many players may have associated with an RPG overall.

This generation has truly opened up the RPG to every kind of player. 2018 specifically showcased some perfect traditional titles for purists, but we also saw story-rich action experiences, or the return-to-form of a strategy/RPG hybrid.

Battle systems have been reinvented, franchises have been reinvigorated, and unfamiliar settings have been charted. In a year that truly seemed like one of the best in gaming for a long time, 2018's RPGs offered something for everyone and proved that the genre is here to stay.

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