10 Best RPGs Of 2018

10. Vampyr


Vampyr was a vast change of pace for Dontnod, being the studio behind incredibly successful narrative game Life is Strange. However, they managed to transfer their experience of crafting stellar narratives across to their recreation of London during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918.

Vampyr's strengths are in its characters and writing. The story follows protagonist Dr Jonathan Reid as he grapples between his need to feed on his fellow Londoners (and thus permanently losing access to any information that NPC may have offered) and following his Hippocratic Oath to help heal those around him.

The possibility of permanently losing access to questlines really makes the choice to gain a huge boost in experience points a weighty one, especially as you progress into the later stages of the game and the story starts to delve deeper and deeper into vampiric lore.

Combat may not be the most inventive, often relying more on brute force as opposed to the various abilities you'll unlock, but that doesn't prevent the experience of exploring Dontnod's dark, mysterious London from being so atmospheric and compelling.

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