10 Best Sci-Fi Video Game Characters Of All Time

9. Phineas Welles - The Outer Worlds

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Much like developer Obsidian’s 2008 hit Fallout: New Vegas, The Outer Worlds isn’t short of memorable characters. From the delightful mechanic Parvati to the suspicious scientist Phineas Welles, each offer something new, and unique.

While the former perhaps stays with the player longer after the credits roll, it’s the latter that is more pivotal to the game’s main narrative, adding so much depth to it in the process.

The player meets Welles when he awakens them from their cryosleep, and informs them of the stranglehold that the Halcyon Holdings Corporation has over the Halcyon colonies. Introductions are pleasant, and Welles’ comforting British accent would otherwise deceive the player into thinking he’s an upstanding citizen.

Welles' eccentric nature and intelligence would have many label him a madman, and his status as a fugitive hardly refutes that claim. Comfortable working outside of the law in his secret lab hidden in the rings of Terra 2, the character's very existence gleefully throws a spanner in the works of the Halcyon Holdings Corporation's overbearing governance.

The player can turn him into the corporation early, should they be so inclined, but doing so would sour the relationship between the player and The Outer Worlds' most central --and best-- characters.

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