10 Best Secret Video Game Bosses You Must Find

8. Gear REX - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

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Metal Gear Solid, as a series, is renowned for its eclectic variety of bosses. In no particular order, we've had shamens, psychics, big robots, nanomachine-enhanced vampires, cyborg ninjas, bigger robots, and more weirdos in between.

Now, thanks to a collaboration with the Monster Hunter series, we can add a new type of boss: dinosaurs.

Hidden away in the Peace Walker mission structure are MH regulars, a Rathalos and a Tigrex, both of which can present a challenge. But they're nothing when it comes to the biggest beastie of them all: Gear REX.

An organic take on the recurring bipedal robot it's named after, the Gear REX is a formidable foe in MGS Peace Walker. With an origin story that riffs on the creation of Godzilla, Gear REX is a unique, non-canon entry in the MGS for a bit of fun. Sorry, "fun".

For it's not an easy battle to get to it, let alone take it out solo. If you can assemble a team, it'll make life easier, but it's still no cake walk. Best stick to disarming bipedal nuke robots.


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