10 Best Set Pieces In Uncharted History

10. Convoy Chase (Uncharted 2)

After the train sequence earlier on in the game, it's not surprising that Uncharted 2 would want to continue the trend of fighting on top of a moving vehicle (or in this case, several).

This set piece features Nate having to jump between a convoy of trucks as they all aim to take him down. The best aspect is that, as Nate continues to fight the mercenaries, he also has to make sure the truck he's on isn't about to explode. Leaping between the convoy and slowly taking them out one by one is incredibly satisfying, even more so when you finally get given a turret at the end.

The main thing holding this moment back from greatness is where it appears in the game. Considering the convoy chase happens quite a bit after most of the bigger set pieces in the game, it doesn't really stand out that much from the crowd. That doesn't mean the moment isn't awesome, but doesn't really get its time to shine.


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