10 Best Shotguns In Gaming History - Ranked

Ranking the best boomsticks around. Groovy.


There are many different methods to resolve conflicts between mutually conflicted individuals.

From presenting evidence that disproves one side over the other, perhaps a means for both sides to coexist peacefully - maybe even debate ideals in the marketplace of ideas, if you so choose.

Or you can blast every motherf*cker in the room until they declare you the winner.

And when you pursue this method of resolving conflict, always be sure to use a good old fashioned shotgun.

The only question is, which one to use?

Video games have had a plethora of shotguns since programmers learned how to make their guns shoot more than one pixel out of a different rectangular pixel they called a gun.

Easily one of the most fun weapons to use across the board, clearly not every developer gets it right.

Too much distance-to-damage drop-off and the weapon is useless. Too instant-kill feeling up close and the whole thing's overpowered, especially online.

The question is a lot harder than you think, so we've ranked what we consider to be the absolute best shotguns in gaming history.

Since there are so many to choose from, it should be stated that all of these weapons are balls to the wall awesome in their own ways.

But some boomsticks boom harder than others.


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