10 Best Side Quests In Fable 2

It was easy to become distracted when the side quests were this fun.

Fable 2
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The role-playing fantasy genre of video games gives players a fantastic amount of freedom, not just to create a character and embody them, but to carve out their own story. While Fable has certainly had low moments throughout its life, there have also been elements of brilliance layered throughout the games, and Fable 2 is an excellent example of the series at its best.

In the second instalment of the property, there is an exciting narrative that has great and significant ramifications for your character and the world of Albion. Still, despite that it is easy not to treat it with priority, as the collection of side quests that the game offers you are just as, if not more, entertaining than this main questline.

The Fable series is heralded for some brilliant humour and deliberately tongue-in-cheek self-awareness, and many of the side missions play into this superbly. Thus they make a wonderful break from the absolute severity of the rest of the game, adding to their appeal.

Whilst the gameplay involved often feels repetitive, the storytelling of the side missions within this game makes them worth completing, and helps to make Albion feel alive and full of character.

10. The Gargoyles

Fable 2
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It is easy to see how this mission can also be seen more like irritancy than a well-beloved part of the game, but there is a lot of merit to it no matter how you feel about the egregious talking statues.

Many titles include a mission like this where you are tasked with finding and collecting a certain amount of objects within the game world. Most of the time, they end up feeling pointless and distracting - such as Assassin's Creed 2's feathers. However, the Gargoyle quest in Fable has a charm to it that makes it worth completing.

It is incredibly satisfying to take these things down, as once you encounter one they will hurl insults at you and mock your capabilities. As soon as you hear such noise, you instantly begin to search the area until you can take this annoying presence out. This makes the eventual completion of the task all the more satisfying as in a way you are getting revenge on these frustrating creatures.

Finally, there is a lot of benefit to completing the quest, as you are gifted with rewards frequently depending on how many you manage to destroy.

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