10 Best Spider-Man Video Games

The thwip of a web, the feel of swinging through NYC - who got it just right?


Despite Spider-Man being Marvel's most iconic hero, his video game output has only seen the occasional landmark gem. Indeed, many 90s gamers will remember the 2004 Spider-Man 2 tie-in as the first game to truly nail what it felt to control Peter Parker, as he treated the New York skyline like a plaything.

Leaping off towering skyscrapers and seeing the screen turn to a blur, then firing off a web at the last minute to convert all that momentum into a pendulum swing-release across the city - it grounded one aspect of controlling Spidey that would influence almost every developer thereafter, though the question remains:

What is the best Spider-Man game, and why?

What does it mean to embody the Wall-Crawler? Is it a solid morality-bending mission structure that conveys having the world on your shoulders? Perhaps an array of powers and athletic abilities that means you can dance playfully over foes' heads, hearing Spidey quipping as goes? Maybe it's a developer's passion and dedication to the lore, mixing deep cut costume unlocks with easter eggs and references only the most hardcore fans will get?

Maybe it's all these things and more, but which Spidey games over the years have truly been worth your time?

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