10 Best Starting Areas In Open-World Video Games

9. Far Cry 4 - Banapur

the witcher 3

Far Cry 4 begins in the village of Banapur, the home of the Golden Path rebellion, which shows how the picturesque Himalayan country of Kyrat has fallen into disarray under the leadership of Pagan Min. Players take control of Ajay Ghale, who begins the game by helping to protect the dwelling from the Kyrati forces serving Min.

Banapur also acts as the first time where Ghale meets many of the game's most important characters, including Amita and Sabal who are having a philosophical debate over the future of Kyrat whilst trying to front a revolution at the same time. Player's also get to meet Badhra, a girl who is believed to be the 'Tarun Matara,' the supposed reincarnation of the goddess Kyra.

The town is filled with characters and is much livelier than many of the other settlements in Far Cry 4, which makes it a memorable starting area in the fictional Himalayan nation.

The game itself is arguably the best in the series as Ajay Ghale's pursuit to scatter his late mother's ashes becomes far more difficult than he could have ever imagined.


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