10 Best Super Nintendo Soundtracks

All your gaming nostalgia in one place.

There are certain characteristics that make a video game great and certain elements that define its greatness. Storyline, character development and gameplay are all crucial to a games success. There is, however, one characteristic that is often overlooked when judging a game. The soundtrack of a video game is an indescribably important part and can go a very long way towards making a game truly special. The music in a video game is extremely crucial and, when done right, can be truly marvellous. The background music, the theme songs, the ending credits, they all are small works of art. Great music emits the sheer atmosphere of every moment in a game, whether it be a cold, desolate landscape backed by ominous, ambient music, or a high speed race edged on by thunderous beats. These songs can bring forth feelings of joy, excitement, despair, paranoia and true fear. Haunting melodies can evoke chills down your spine. Epic orchestral pieces can inspire you to press on for glory. A great soundtrack can pull you in, capturing your imagination and making you feel as though you are embarking on a magical adventure. The Super Nintendo will forever be remembered as having some of the greatest video game soundtracks of all time. It was leaps and bounds ahead of the very simplistic music found on the NES, and far greater than its closest rival, the Sega Genesis. Composers were able to create some absolutely stunning music, maxing out the impressive capabilities of the Super Nintendo's audio processors. From the simplistic thrills of Super Mario World, to the deep orchestration of Final Fantasy, Super Nintendo, and its outstanding soundtracks, will always have a special place in many gamers hearts.

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