10 Best Vampires In Video Games

Which of these gaming vampires got your blood pumping??

Vampyr game

Throughout all of storytelling history, there have been plenty of ghosts, monsters and ghoulies that have become ubiquitous with the spooky side of entertainment. While the likes of werewolves, zombies and mummies certainly have strong legacies, it's the blood-sucking beasties known as vampires who really take the cake as the most iconic.

These fearsome creatures have been subject to so many genres and alterations. They've been terrifying horror movie villains, goofy mockumentary characters, action-packed heroes and even angsty teenage heartthrobs. But, no matter what, they're always awesome - for the most part.

Thanks to their pervasive position in stories, movies and more, it's no surprise that they've become a consistent presence in the world of video games.

Seeing titles ranging from indie to triple-A based around the legendary creatures is often a fun time, as players are all familiar with the mythology, and developers can toy around with it as they wish.

The following ten vampires are the ones who truly captured the eyes of players as they spilt plenty of crimson blood. Whether they were playable or not, they made one hell of an impression.


There will be some spoilers discussed.

10. Babette (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Vampyr game

In a world as expansive and lore heavy as Tamriel, you know you're going to be dealing with some extraordinary creatures.

There are monsters ranging from mechanical dwarven automatons to hulking giants, so it comes as no surprise that vampirism is also a major part of the games. While there are a few notable characters, Babette from Skyrim certainly makes a great impression.

You meet this devilishly entertaining "child" in the Dark Brotherhood questline. After joining the assassination organisation, you run into the girl telling a wicked story about how she tricked someone with her innocent looks before chowing down on them.

This ten-year-old Breton girl is not what she seems, as she was bitten by a vampire at the age of ten and thus was stuck in her undeveloped body forever - now being over 300 years old. This is such a unique outlook and gives Babette this hilarious sense of spookiness, as she shows that not even kids are exempt from the wiles of vampirism.

While Serana from the Dawnguard DLC also deserves mention, Babette gets a slight advantage thanks to her unique circumstances, which players/viewers would love to see in more vampire projects.

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