10 Best Video Game Consoles On The Market Right Now

10. Super Nintendo Mini


Nostalgia is trendy at the moment, and Nintendo have taken this opportunity to release something primarily for these retro rebels. The SNES Mini is a gorgeous little snippet of history, with a selection of classic Super Nintendo titles encased in a scaled down SNES shell, plus two brand spanking new SNES controllers to boot. Nintendo really know how to keep their fans happy.

The reason this little console will appeal specifically to retro fans is that it only includes a small, hand-picked number of games, meaning the consumer is mostly buying this because of its aesthetics and collectability. Someone who just wanted to play some random old titles would be better off using an emulator or buying a retro replicator console like the RetroN 5.

The SNES Mini comes with a fairly small but potent collection of classics such as Donkey Kong Country, Secret Of Mana, F-Zero, Earthbound, Super Metroid - there really isn't a bad title on the system. If you're into old video games and miss having a Super Nintendo sat on your TV, the SNES Mini has some serious itch-scratching potential.


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