10 Best Video Game Documentaries Of All Time

10. Chasing Ghost: Beyond The Arcade

Released: 19 January 2007

Led by the eccentric and charming Walter Day, Chasing Ghosts transports you to one of the most famous arcades of the 1980s as the best gamers from across the United States gather together for a LIFE Magazine feature spread. It's a 90 minute look back at the heyday of arcade gaming and the birth of international scoreboards.

Narrated through modern day interviews, we learn what the arcade meant to high profile players and where they are 23 years later. This documentary will be of particular interest to those who enjoy old arcade games, are familiar with Twin Galaxies or have an obsession with ‘80s pop culture.

Finding an official copy of Chasing Ghosts is slightly challenging in the UK, but the film is available on iTunes where it can be rented for £3.49 or purchased for £6.99. Amazon offers rental for $3.99 and purchase for $9.99 in the US.


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