10 Best Video Game Factions You COULDN'T Join

Let the Dragonborn become a proper monster hunter.

Baldurs gate 3
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Choosing which group you're going to support in the game you're playing is one of the most important decisions you can make during a playthrough.

The choice defines what ideals your character stands for and what methods they're going to utilize in order to achieve them. Not to mention what kind of outfit you're going to wear and which exclusive items you'll get your hands on.

Most games with joinable factions give you a good selection of groups to choose from. However, sometimes the list is evidently lacking. The world you play in includes amazing factions you'd join in a heartbeat, but for some reason you never get a chance to do so.

The developers have decided against it, and the only thing left to do for their fans is discuss how great joining them would have been.

Whether it's due to their amazing gear, intriguing belief system, or simply making the most logical sense out of any group in the game, the following factions have thousands of fans wanting to join their ranks, even though they're not currently accepting. Or ever, really.

10. Gunners - Fallout 4

Baldurs gate 3

One of the complaints that Fallout 4 received shortly after its release was that none of the playable factions were particularly villainous. And while the Nuka World DLC eventually remedied this issue by letting you become a raider, the game has always featured one faction that would've worked even better:

The Gunners.

A mercenary group that runs all sorts of illicit activities throughout the Commonwealth for the right price, unlike regular raiders, they are a highly organized faction, complete with a unique militaristic aesthetic, a faction logo, and even a central headquarters within the region.

Given their opportunistic mentality, the Gunners feel perfect for players who'd want to roleplay a greedy gun-for-hire or even a straight-up villain, which is something you don't really get out of the other groups in the base game.

Their addition to the joinable groups roster would've filled a blantantly obvious gap in Fallout 4's faction dynamics, but ufortunately, for all of their uniqueness and fleshed-out lore, the Gunners are just a raider gang, meaning the only thing you do when you find yourself in their camps is blow them up with nukes.

Well, at least there's that.

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