10 Best Video Game Power-Ups Ever

9. Crash Bandicoot - Aku Aku

Mario kart 8
Vicarious Visions

Crash's buddy and item pick-up in the series, Aku Aku is a witch doctor mask-thing that helps the player throughout the games. For this entry, though, we’ll solely be focusing on what the item box version offers us, not the character.

Firstly, an additional hit, similar to that of the red mushroom in Super Mario. However, the reason why the Aku Aku mask makes the list and the red mushroom does not is because of the additional benefits the former offers.

If you grab three of these masks, which is quite a rare occurrence for casual players, you’ll be granted a brief spell of invincibility. The first two offer the same ability of taking an extra hit while the third initiates a special, temporary status of invulnerable power.

Now you’re able to run through the map, only watching for pitfalls and platforms as you smash through any enemy, no care required. It’s a great spin on the traditional extra hit trope and rewards players who are careful with their masks.

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