10 Best Video Game Power-Ups Ever

8. Super Mario Bros – Tanooki Suit

Mario kart 8

Similar to that of Raccoon Mario, attained by using a Super Leaf, or Tanooki Leaf, Tanooki Mario can be attained by using a Tanooki Suit. There is a degree of similarity between the two, but the Tanooki Suit has a distinction of its statue ability, making it significantly rarer.

Ultimately though, both allow for flight, which is the main premise for these items making our list. If you sprint long enough and tap a specific button, you will soar high in the sky, often times circumventing the entire level.

It’s worth noting that this flight isn’t always possible due to the way the levels are designed, stopping you gaining momentum and filling your meter. On top of that, both the Super Leaf and Tanooki Suit’s flight will allow you to reach certain secret areas above the level.

Shooting flames, being small or freezing enemies is cool, but when it comes down to it, flying above literally everything really takes the cake. The Tanooki Suit is available from a Toad House, as opposed to simply coming out of ? blocks. In Super Mario Bros. 3, at least. Whereas the Super Leaf is more widely available throughout levels.

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