10 Best Video Game Sequels That NEVER Happened

Divulging the secret of the real Fallout 3.

Black Isle Studios

It's strange to think how many famous games franchises have has cancelled games that many of us will never know about our entire lives. Due to a mix of time, non-disclosure agreements, and cruel fate, many otherwise promising games have been lost in the annals of history, unlikely to ever be finished.

And - though most of these games we cannot play any of for obvious reasons - it's still fascinating to learn of these games, as through research you can learn both about what could have been and also a little about the world of video game creation.

Though doing so may make you slightly sad about cancelled titles like Fallout: Van Buren - and a little sadder about some sketchy business practices that appear to have gone on - it's still worth learning about all these cancelled gems, if only so you appreciate the games you have all the more.

More than one person has likely drank a couple cold ones mourning the loss of the Final Fantasy games that never were, and we can only support these souls by learning about all the best games that never made it to the shelves.

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