10 Best Video Game Side Quests NOBODY Played

Games today are so huge that it isn't uncommon to miss a lot of their content.

cyberpunk 2077 sinnerman
CD Projekt RED

Video games are getting big. Some might say TOO big. For as many quests or items deliberately hidden by the developers, are are also ones that simply get lost as a drop in the ocean that is a game's abundance of content.

And the more agency the player has, the more often this proves to be true. As content requires you to be in a certain place at a certain time, or perform other activities in a specific order, or simply explore the most out-of-the-way boundaries of the map, the idea of doing EVERYTHING in a game is becoming increasingly improbable. And as games evolve to respond as much to your actions as to your formal, outlined choices, this trend is going to increase exponentially.

However, for many games these obscure quests - so obscure that some aren't even discovered for years after a game's release - also provide some of the best rewards. Often you get some cool and unique weapon or item, or maybe a special ability, or sometimes even just a really good story.

But as you grow up and free time becomes increasingly more and more precious, it's no surprise that these are ten great video game side quests NOBODY played.

10. They Won't Go When I Go - Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 sinnerman
CD Projekt RED

Games can often be at their best when they don't broadcast choices. Such is the case with this side quest in CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077, which can only be accessed based on your actions.

If you're playing thoroughly, you'll eventually receive a call from one of your mercenary handlers, Wakako, directing you to a client who wants revenge on Joshua Stephenson, the man who killed his wife. Ambushing him and two cohorts in a vehicle, your client will lose his cool and attempt the hit himself. At this point it would make sense to jump in and save him, as he is paying you.

However, if you allow him to be shot and killed, Joshua will invite you to join him in a sort of pilgrimage where he attempts to make amends for one of his former victims, culminating in a penance.

By simply sticking by his side throughout his journey, you will eventually be called to the event in question: a live crucifixion of Joshua which you can perform yourself.

It's a pretty dark and gnarly ride, and it's largely out of your hands. In this moment you're a spectator to someone else's big moral choices, rather than the one making them.

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