10 Best Video Game Side Quests NOBODY Played

9. Frostflow Abyss - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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With its many re-releases, Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim continues to entice new and returning players alike. This makes sense considering its breadth of content, most of which can only be found through very thorough exploration. Such is the case with the Frostflow Lighthouse and its associate quest, Frostflow Abyss.

The lighthouse itself is located in the middle of nowhere, near the northernmost boundary of the map, a little ways east of Dawnstar. Inside you'll begin uncovering the sad story of the family who operated the lighthouse, first by discovering the dead body of its matriarch, Ramati, laid out next to a dead chaurus - giant insects that serve the hostile and terrifying mutant Falmer elves.

Continuing to the basement and the tunnels it connects to, you'll fight more chaurus and Falmer as you discover the bodies of the rest of the family one by one. The quest will culminate in a fight against a massive Chaurus Reaper and the discovery of the family's patriarch, Habd - also dead. Along the way you'll find some high quality loot and tons of alchemy ingredients, making this quest well worth your while, as well as a permanent buff to healing should you fulfill Habd's dying wish.

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