10 Best Superheroes Created By Video Games

With great power comes great replayability.

Games are the perfect environment in which to develop heroes with incredible powers. They offer the player the chance to take on the role of a superhero in ways that no film, TV show or comic book ever can. This is why video game adaptations of superhero movies are so popular and prominent, from Spider-Man's various incarnations to the phenomenal Batman: Arkham games.

Yet, there have also been plenty of superheroes that have been developed specifically for gaming platforms. These supercharged figures aren't always straightforwardly "good" - in fact, they can often be disturbingly dark in their actions - but their supernatural abilities set them apart from other playable characters in the medium by quite some distance.

10 of the best from the history of gaming are listed here. Not all of the characters included are conventional heroes, either. But their superpowers (and, in some cases, their superhero-esque names) place them firmly within the category. This list tries to cover a wide-range of gaming genres and different powers in order to emphasise the diversity of gaming superheroes.

It is worth noting from the outset that I'm going to focus entirely on characters that were designed first and foremost for games - not superheroes that have been adapted from other media.

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