10 Best Superheroes Created By Video Games

10. Bomberman

Bomberman is one of the most instantly recognisable characters in the history of gaming. The simplicity of his image has made him one of the most memorable protagonists in puzzle gaming. Crucially for this list, the native of Planet Bomber has a fairly destructive superpower - the ability to manifest bombs in its inhabitants' hands. There are two reasons why Bomberman makes this list and even more iconic characters like say, Link, Mario and Sonic don't. One is the fact that he has an actual supernatural ability. Admittedly, Sonic has super-speed - but then, he's not really a human. Mario can power-up and Link is an incredible fighter, but neither can wilfully make an explosive appear out of thin air. The other reason is his name. Bomberman is one of the best superhero monickers of all time. It's almost impossible to have a name that starts with a form of explosive and ends with the suffix "man" or "woman" and not be considered a superhero, right?
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