10 Best Video Game User Interfaces

When gorgeous fashion meets glorious function.


Perhaps the single most under-appreciated aspect of video game design is that of the user interface (UI), because when it's great, you don't really notice. You can effortlessly glide through menus and play the game precisely as the developers intended.

UI design tends to be more noticeable when it's poor, in turn affecting the user experience (UX) and potentially making even simple tasks a hellish slog of nested menus and arcane navigation.

But what, exactly, defines a good UI? There certainly isn't an all-catch answer and to an extent it's subjective, though most will surely agree that it revolves around the pitting of fashion against function, of creating a menu system which is stylish yet not at the expense of ease-of-use.

We've all played games with gorgeous-yet-clunky UIs or interfaces that were snappy and efficient yet hideous.

These 10 UIs, however, generally achieved an impressive fusion of the two, reinventing typical design conventions in ways which were often massively influential throughout the industry.


Whether they drew attention to themselves or not, these 10 games are all striking examples of what a masterful, first-rate UI looks like...

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