10 Best Video Game Wrestlers (And Who Would Sign Them In Real Life)

Some virtual grapplers are pop culture icons, but how would they fare as actual superstars ?


WWE billed the Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg Survivor Series clash as 'Fantasy Warfare Becomes Reality' but In truth, most 2K17 matches last longer than the couple of minutes showcased in Toronto . The fight was still comparable to the fast and furious action experienced by gamers - particularly those who enjoy the beat 'em up genre. Often featuring large rosters of unique characters, these fighting games cater for every fighting style imaginable, and one form that appears in most of them is wrestling.

Over the years there have been countless games across all platforms that have introduced fictitious wrestling champions - sometimes even unlockable characters in licensed wrestling simulators. The immense popularity of some of these fabricated superstars has occasionally eclipsed their real life counter parts -and in at least one instance was used to introduce a gimmick before making it's debut (Suicide was a character exclusive to the TNA Impact! game before being used on programming).

But how would the most popular of these imaginary wrestlers fare if they were suddenly brought to life ? Would they achieve mainstream success or would they be destined to fail?

Here are the 10 best video game wrestlers and where we would likely find them in today's world of wrestling ...


Joe Cuffaro is a Sports Journalist and x6 time Staffs University Hardcore Champion. He is a WWE and Newcastle United enthusiast, which explains why most of his views are pessimistic.