10 Best Video Game Wrestlers (And Who Would Sign Them In Real Life)

10. Mike Haggar (Final Fight) - WWE Legends Contract


In a universe where Drew Carey and Donald Trump are residents of the WWE Hall of Fame (celebrity wing) Mike Haggar would be a shoe in for an induction if he was flesh and blood. A Legends contract and performance centre role would be most fitting for one of the fictitious wrestling forefathers.

First introduced in Final Fight (1989) Haggar is described as a former professional wrestler turned mayor. He would appear in multiple sequels, then as a playable character in the Saturday Night Slam Masters series. In more recent times he has appeared in various 'Vs Capcom' titles and as an Easter egg in the background of several Street Fighter games. Haggar is a character that has done it all and worldwide respect for his accomplishments would parallel those regularly celebrated by long time fans.

If Haggar was flesh and blood, he would be an elder statesmen who had spent time in all the major promotions, likely showing his brutal side in ECW, his old school side in WWF, and his political nous in WCW before embarking on a full scale government career. There are undeniable parallels between Haggar and Jesse Ventura already, so perhaps he too would boast an '80s film portfolio. As he was a training gym owner in Final Fight: Streetwise, Haggar would be at home showing the rookies of NXT the ropes. WWE would definitely capitalise on his experience and would likely want to secure the strong social media attention his political background would generate.


Joe Cuffaro is a Sports Journalist and x6 time Staffs University Hardcore Champion. He is a WWE and Newcastle United enthusiast, which explains why most of his views are pessimistic.