10 Best Video Games Of 2021

1. Resident Evil Village

Varcolac Alfa Resident Evil Village

In a year that opened with EA losing the Star Wars license and ended with Ubisoft deciding NFTs were the way video games needed to go, it's easy to forget about the absolute media domination that was Resident Evil Village and all-things Lady Demitrescu.

Thankfully, this oversized vampire lady was one of many awesome boss fights across the titular Eastern European playspace you'd explore. Essentially channeling RE4's iconic introduction and then going hog wild with everything from werewolves to a mech boss fight, this is Resident Evil at its most confident, playful, self-aware and just straight-up enjoyable.

Away from the plot twists and lore-injecting retcons is a supremely polished combat model, with rewarding exploration and scores of reasons to replay. With a tight runtime of about 10 hours, you'll burn through Village in a blur of gore, monster-slaying and overblown set-pieces, setting you up for multiple post-credits runs with increased difficulty, better weapons and more reasons to take in every last corner of the map.

THIS is how you make a blockbuster video game the world should play. No bloated, unnecessary crafting mechanics, no pace-killing fetch quests - just veterans of the game, executing as they should.


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