10 Best Video Games Set In A Single Night

9. Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman arkham asylum

A running theme of the pivotal Arkham series put out by Rocksteady is that each game basically takes place over the course a single night.

The second title, Arkham City, occurs one night about a year and a half after the first game. Arkham Origins takes place on Christmas Eve of Bruce Wayne's second year of vigilantism, and Arkham Knight takes place on Halloween, nine months after City.

It's hard to reconcile that fact with the dozens of hours, hundreds of Riddler Trophies, and various sidequests we all get up to in the course of those games, though. So I'm going to highlight the first game in the series, which was initially designed to be played over an 8-10 hour period. You can, conceivably, imagine the first game, Arkham Asylum, as being in "real time" for that purpose.

From Joker being delivered to the Asylum, to stopping Victor Zasz, escaping Killer Croc's sewer lair, the battles against Scarecrow, all the way to the final battle with a Titan-fuelled Joker on the rooftop. It's all in the course of a single knight for the Greatest Detective.

What's more is that the ending implies he then goes on to stop Two-Face before morning. Impressive, even by Batman standards.


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