10 Best Video Games Set In A Single Night

8. Aragami

Batman arkham asylum

If you've been feeling the press for a new Tenchu game, Aragami is a solid choice. What it lacks in fluidity of its mechanics, it more than makes up for in a compelling storyline and fantastic musical score. The game opens with the main character's birth as a shadow spirit, an Aragami, that is tasked with rescuing your summoner - the young priestess Yamiko.

Yamiko explains you've got a time limit - being a shadow spirit you will cease to exist when the sun rises in the morning. Light weakens you and intense light, such as the projectiles your enemies can shoot from their swords if they spot you, will kill you instantly.

Creeping through the shadows will empower you and restore the energy you need to use your special abilities. And you'll do just that - sneak from shadow to shadow, all night, resulting in a final boss battle and touching cut scene that ends just as the sun rises. Discovering the truth about your identity before becoming an Aragmi and completing your mission before daybreak.


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