10 Better Games That Were Secretly Hidden In Video Games

Titanfall 2's time travel mission should've been the whole game.

Titanfall 2

Sometimes game developers just don't appreciate the gold that they're sitting on, because every so often you'll probably finish a game and wonder why that single outstanding level wasn't, you know, the whole game.

There are of course so many moving parts to the creation of any video game, yet these 10 games all made it clear that a more exciting, entertaining, and thrilling title was basically encased within it.

Whether the game's prologue teased a far more interesting alternate narrative, an awesome supporting character ended up wildly outshining the franchise hero, or a gameplay shift hinted at a totally different, more intriguing piece of work, these games could've all been something else entirely.

In most cases we'll sadly never get to see that promise realised, and so these small morsels will instead have to do. Though most of these games were relatively well-received regardless, it's simply human nature to consider what could've been were circumstances different.

Though these levels, modes, and characters only ended up comprising a small sliver of these games, they live on in many players' hearts as the best and most entertaining part...

10. The Downfall Of The Knights Templar - Assassin's Creed Unity

Titanfall 2

Assassin's Creed Unity opens with one hell of a prologue sequence, in which players control a genetic memory of Jacques de Molay, the last grand master of the Knights Templar, during the sacking of the Paris Temple in 1307.

It's fascinating to both briefly play on the Templar side as one of de Molay's aides and get to witness de Molay's execution-by-burning at the behest of King Philip IV seven years later, in what remains the single-most unexpected and exciting prologue to any Assassin's Creed game.

Even once you get past Unity's infamous release - launching with a bevy of ridicule-worthy bugs - the rest of the game doesn't ever really measure up to those tantalising opening 15 minutes.

And as such, Ubisoft really missed a trick here: an entire game set in 14th century Paris focused around the fall of the Knights Templar and the end of the "Age of Wisdom" had massive potential, to offer a totally unique perspective and atmosphere.

In the very least, it would've added some welcome shade and intrigue to the Assassin-Templar War, which sounds far more interesting than what Unity gave us in reality. After all, Arno isn't exactly anyone's favourite protagonist now, is he?

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