10 Biggest Boss Battles In Video Game History - Ranked By Size

2. Gongen Wyzen (Asura's Wrath)

Approximate Size: 8,000 miles

For the final two entries in this list we have to leave behind the measurement unit of metres and instead shift to miles, so massive are they.

In the ludicrously fun and often insane Asura's Wrath, the game's final boss fight pits Asura – the rage-filled fist-o-matic – against his 12,000 year long rival, Wyzen – one of the 7 demigods bent on capturing mortal souls (aka Mantra) and creating a paradise for demigods. He also happens to represents violence, which he proves in his extreme measures in his final battle.

As one of the strongest of the demigods, Wyzen is able to both withstand and quell many of Asura's attacks. As Asura becomes more powerful, Wyzen greedily uses more Mantra, increasing his own size and strength.

In his final form, Wyzen baffled us all by absorbing enough Mantra to become Gongen Wyzen – who is literally the size of Gaea. Assuming Gaea is roughly the same size as Earth, that puts him at a whopping 8,000 miles wide.

Fortunately, despite his size, his finger is no match for Asura's fists, and a few punches are enough to explode the demigod into smithereens...we assume that mega ball of fire that spewed from him didn't hurt anyone.

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