10 Biggest Boss Battles In Video Game History - Ranked By Size

3. Cronos (God Of War III)

Approximate Size: 488 metres

As punishment for trying to eat his own children, Cronos was sent to wander the deserts for eternity, carrying Pandora's Temple on his back. In the first game, Kratos navigates the temple, successfully obtaining Pandora's Box, which he uses to kill Ares, claim his vengeance, and usurp the tile of God of War.

Fearing this new rival, and as further punishment for allowing Kratos to reach Pandora's Box, Zeus places Cronos in chains to suffer an eternity of torment in the pits of Tartarus.

So when the mountain-sized Titan gets his dirty fingernails on Kratos, he fancies crushing the little pipsqueak for some revenge. Alas, he doesn't count on Kratos ripping his fingernail clean off instead.

The battle is one of the most memorable of the PS3 era as Cronos is not just the boss you are fighting, but the environment you are fighting on, as well. Kratos swings from hands, to arms, to face, slicing and smashing boils, warts and eyes as he goes. Then, just when we think Cronos has won and swallowed Kratos whole, Kratos slices his way out of the Titan's stomach before stabbing him through the forehead.

If that doesn't teach you to chew your food before you swallow, nothing will.

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