10 Biggest Boss Battles In Video Game History - Ranked By Size

4. Mothership (Earth Defense Force 2017)

Approximate Size: 365 metres

In a modernisation of the classic arcade shooters, Earth Defense Force 2017 (actually released in 2007) sees unnamed protagonist Storm 1 of the EDF (Earth Defense Force) deployed across Japan as aliens descend over the planet. With their massive mothership hovering over Tokyo, UFOs attack from the skies while bug-like creatures attack from the ground.

With Michael Bay seemingly directing the EDF forces, Storm 1 uses a range of explosive weaponry to take down the invading enemies in caves, towns and cities, with little to no regard for human life or thought for the infrastructure and buildings around them. Storm 1 seems set on stopping the alien invasion, no matter the cost – and we love him/her for it.

The final mission sets the protagonist and his allies against the imposing mothership itself. The rest of the world has been conquered and the mothership is preparing a cannon to destroy all of Japan.

However, in true climatic fashion, Storm 1 takes control of the cannon and fires on the mothership until it explodes into a glorious ball of flame.

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