10 Biggest Concerns With Upcoming 2023 Video Games

Don't let it be another live-service shooter.

Silent Hill 2

2023 appears to be an exciting year for the video game industry. Some of the most beloved and iconic franchises across all genres of games are receiving brand new sequels, while other, lesser-known titles seek to revitalize their presence with a fresh twist on their classic formula.

Games like Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Dragon Age, and many others have the potential to break the mold and introduce something new into their respective franchises. However, this kind of innovation always comes with the risk of breaking something that made the predecessors so successful in the first place.

Naturally, fans are a bit skeptical when it comes to sequels and new titles, and although the hype surrounding most of the upcoming 2023 releases is very much real, it's hard to overlook all of the concerns that fans have raised since these games were first revealed.

Let's examine some of the potential issues that might plague the upcoming releases and see if they are truly worth worrying about.

10. Battle Pass And Live-Service - Suicide Squad

Silent Hill 2

The reveal of the upcoming Suicide Squad game was met with a lot of hype back in 2020, but since then, there have been quite a few issues with its production that have made people's enthusiasm dwindle a little.

It all began with Rocksteady pushing the game's release to 2023, but then some more concerning issues arose when the official game footage and some leaks from the studio revealed what kind of game Suicide Squad is behind its flashy cinematic trailers.

The inclusion of a battle pass and looter-shooter mechanics, as well as the uninteresting gameplay consisting of shooting purple orbs and watching damage numbers fly by, made people question if the initial hype was worth it. From the looks of it, Suicide Squad might just be another live-service shooter, and people are rightfully concerned about that.

Given Rocksteady's reputation and its ability to capture the essence of its source material, the game has the potential to be something special. If it ends up being a generic Triple-A experience with multiple in-game currencies and pay-to-win loot, that potential will be all but lost.


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