10 Biggest Game Of The Year 2017 Contenders So Far

Three months in and Game of the Year is already stacked.

NIER automata
Platinum Games

In terms of gaming, 2017 has had one of the best starts to any year in gaming history, as numerous high quality releases tease the possibility that it might finally realise the possibility of this generation.

This stands in stark opposition to how the industry has treated consumers since launch, where many of the most talked about or played games (Rocket League, for example) had relatively low profile releases, somewhat being given the limelight due to a lack of triple-A or first-party titles.

That said, thanks to a host of amazing and unique games out right now, rounding up what's worth playing is far easier than ever before. It's worth pointing out how healthy the games industry finally feels, as with consoles like the Xbox Scorpio also coming soon and the Switch finally getting more games to justify its existence outside Zelda, the rest of 2017 might be even more amazing than the start.

But what a start it has been.

All of the following have proven 2017 has what it takes to be remembered as one of the best years in gaming. Hopefully that momentum keeps up, but for now, let's celebrate the wealth of fantastic and unique experiences that might just go on to take Game of the Year 2017.


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