10 Biggest High-Profile Video Game Failures Of 2016

What is it with Assassin's Creed and faces?!

assassin's creed remaster

Despite there being a lot to like about 2016, it will forever be immortalised as One Of The Worst Years Ever, and for good reason.

Trump, the dying Coral Reef, celebrity deaths and Brexit, not even the gaming realm was safe from a number of high profile failures - which, now we're in the potential-filled aftermath of 2017, are ripe for the ridiculing.

Broken controls, Kickstarters that couldn't deliver, games that promised the galaxy and delivered nothing but disappointment - it was a year many of us were glad to close the book on, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few stories worth telling and learning from.

Well, that, or you could just point and laugh...


10. The Ludicrous NES Classic Mini Shortage

nintendo NES mini

Nintendo have their own brand of unprofessional quirk, which for anyone outside whoever's in charge of their manufacturing plants, is genuinely baffling.

I mean, who decides to launch what is ostensibly the perfect 'stocking filler'-type gift for the Christmas period, and then proceeds to literally supply high street chains with - and again, literally - around two to five units each?

The system itself is just a plastic case with a chipset inside - it's hardly the medium-changing Switch or the innovating Wii U Gamepad. To this day you can't reliably head down to a local store and pick one of these up, and with Christmas now firmly in the rear-view mirror - and with people having spent what extra cash they might've had in reserve for an impulse-buy - it feels as though the NES Classic came and went overnight.

Here's hoping it doesn't dissuade Nintendo from releasing a SNES Classic Mini, as that would be the real casualty here.

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