10 Biggest Jump-Scares In Non-Horror Video Games

9. Dead Hand - The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

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Being a fantasy series, The Legend of Zelda regularly incorporates supernatural enemies, including ghosts and zombies. Despite their creepy aesthetic, foes like these usually come across as spooky, rather than outright scary.

But anyone who played Ocarina of Time will remember how they nearly jumped out of their skin when they encountered Dead Hand.

As you enter his lair, you'll find yourself in a sealed room with a group of elongated arms jutting from the ground like corn stalks. The instant you go near them, one of the malformed limbs grabs you, pinning you to the spot. At the same moment, the boss music starts blaring, letting you know the battle has already begun.

That's Jump-Scare 1.

But we're not finished. Once you try to wriggle free, you'll hear a churning, moaning sound from behind. As the noise becomes noticeably louder, you realise some... thing is approaching you.

As the camera swivels around, you'll get your first glimpse of the mini-boss, Dead Hand, which is sure to initiate Jump-Scare 2.

Even though the fight itself is relatively easy, this bloated Deadite's haunting appearance and petrifying introduction is something that's sure to stick with you indefinitely.


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