10 Biggest Reasons To Own A Dreamcast In 2019

An essential piece of gaming history.

Dreamcast console

Arriving after the struggles of the Sega Saturn and competing against the mighty PlayStation 2, the Dreamcast was only an active console for a short time.

Despite this, it did introduce some innovations that would become more widespread in future years, alongside a library of fantastic games.

This was before we entered the 21st Century though. That generation of consoles has gone, along with the one that followed it.

But, plenty of people that passed on the Dreamcast the first time round have come back to see what the fuss is about. Two decades on from the initial European release, nostalgia has grown around Sega’s iconic console.

I’ve missed out on a few consoles as adulthood took away some of that precious gaming time. Since I’ve got back into gaming in a big way I’ve been looking at picking up some of the systems I’d missed.

Plenty of more popular consoles are on that backlog but I kept on coming back to the Dreamcast. Even today, there are plenty of good reasons to pick up Sega’s final console.

10. The Sheer Value For Money

Dreamcast console

For the price of a newly released game you can pick up a second-hand Dreamcast, complete with control pad and memory card.

The real bargains are to be found in bundles. A quick Ebay search should turn up a few of these.

For a larger outlay, you can often pick up all of the above plus a handful of games. These will often include games such as Sonic Adventure, Metropolis Street Racer and Soul Calibur, which if you’re serious about collecting games for your Dreamcast are games you’ll want to play.

You’ll often get other useful items such as a second control pad, plus more obscure peripherals like the keyboard, and copied games the Dreamcast became notorious for.

While you may not want all of the items in the bundle, it’s cheaper than collecting the individual items and you can sell the excess items to further decrease your outlay.

Be sure to try out all the games you get though. You might find some hidden gems amongst the more well-known classics.

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