10 Biggest Reasons To Own A Dreamcast In 2019

9. A Bridge Between Retro And Current

Dreamcast console

The Dreamcast is unique for its eclectic mix of titles.

Games today are often heavier affairs, with long winding narratives and requiring a significant investment of time to fully enjoy. Thirty minutes can barely be enough to get through a loading screen and the latest updates on a modern console. On the Dreamcast, thirty minutes can get you through a few rounds of games such as Virtua Fighter 3.

You won’t find many games today that concentrate purely on the fun side of gaming. Gaming just for the sake of gaming.

The Dreamcast offers that but is still current enough that its titles don’t look dated.

Clearly, the graphics can’t compete with the 4K graphics of today’s powerhouse consoles. However, the variety of arcade games and inimitable genres mean the graphics still do a job for the game they’re representing.

Complete with four console ports, but also the ability to play online, the Dreamcast also bridges the generations between frantic multiplayer fun against friends in the same room as you, and internet rivalries between gamers on the other side of the planet.

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