10 Biggest Snubs From The Game Awards 2017

1. Horizon: Zero Dawn


Despite being one of the absolute best games of the year, Horizon somehow managed to walk away from the Game Awards with nothing to show for itself.

Horizon: Zero Dawn was nominated for more than five different awards, including a nomination for Game Of The Year. Despite this acclamation, Horizon didn't actually win in any of the categories that it was nominated for, which seems ridiculous considering the huge amount of praise it got.

Not only was Horizon: Zero Dawn a great action game, but it also told a pretty fascinating story of a world unlike any seen before in gaming.

Although the competition may have been insanely strong, Horizon certainly deserved to win at least one of the categories that it was nominated in. It may not necessarily be the game of the year, but it's certainly one of the best contenders.


Which games do you think deserved to be included at The Game Awards? Let us know in the comments.

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