10 Biggest Video Game Botches Of 2021

From Ghostrunner to Balan Wonderworld, you guys literally had one job.

GTA Trilogy

Making a video game is not easy. Not only do developers have to make sure they market their material in such a way that enough people are interested in distributing and buying their games, but the process of producing a title that is both technically smooth and visually interesting can also be a tough ask.

Throw in on top of all of that the complications that have arisen over the past couple of years, and it's understandable why so many titles have experienced delays and reworkings in recent times.

With that being said, gamers are notoriously a demographic that aren't the most understanding when it comes to having their expectations let down, with not even the most well-respected and successful of series being spared criticism when they produce something that falls short in their eyes.

2021 has been a year that has produced plenty of great titles, however it has also brought with it a number of embarrassing, dramatic and disappointing ones for good measure. With the year winding down, here are 10 of the biggest video game botches of 2021.

10. DOOM 3: VR Edition

GTA Trilogy
Valve Corporation

Valve's Half-Life: Alyx changed the landscape for VR shooters in 2020 with its smooth gameplay and striking visuals, though that raise in standards did end up contributing to the lukewarm reception of Bethesda's port of Doom 3 to PSVR.

After releasing earlier this year, Doom 3's VR port received criticism for its dated visuals and an arcadey-feeling corridor-shooting formula that doesn't lend itself well to the platform. However, what really stood out as the major issue for the title was the game's movement, which was painfully slow and didn't allow players to dodge projectiles and enemies as well as in its older editions on consoles and PC.

Doom 3 is a classic title, and all of its scares and storylines are still present in the VR edition, so to that end the game isn't nearly as botched as others on this list. Fans can still enjoy playing Doom 3 in an all-new way, however, for those that aren't hardcore fans of the series, the release of the game this year came in as a noticeable drop-down in quality from what most were expecting.


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