10 Biggest Video Game Flops Of 2017

8. For Honor


Another great game ruined by a shoddy release, For Honor seems to have faded almost entirely into the dark. Although it does have a fanbase, For Honor definitely didn't live up to expectations.

For Honor is a great example of a game that launched to pretty good player counts and attention, before fading into obscurity and becoming much more barren.

This is a massive shame considering how great For Honor actually plays. In a market full of first-person shooters, Ubisoft's attempt to add the third-person melee combat of For Honor to the mix is certainly admirable. When it works, it truly works, and this is something critics and fans saw and applauded upon the game's release.

Unfortunately, a lot of For Honor was actually ruined by shoddy business practises. So much of the game is locked behind grinding, it makes it clear that For Honor is begging you to delve into microtransactions. It was this, and a general lack of content, that caused For Honor to underperform and slowly become a bit of a ghost town.

That's disappointing, because For Honor really is a great game. Shame on you Ubisoft.

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