10 Biggest WTF Drug Sequences In Video Games

Because if there's something GTA's missing, it's an alien probing sequence.

Drugs and video games have always had a funny old relationship. In real life, they're still something of an enigma to the general populous, one of those things people talk about with a mix of either total calm and outright resentment. We're certainly not starting our days with a wake-and-bake or doing lines of coke on the toilet cistern at work to keep ourselves perky, but the presence of drugs in society just isn't that much of a shock in this hedonistic day and age. Mainstream games, however, tend to take depictions of anything to the extreme. Sexual allure is amped up tenfold, protagonists can take 100s of bullets and not die, or kill 1000 people and think nothing of it. The same extremes can be applied to drugs. When a character does a line or hits a bong, many games can beckon you (well, mostly adolescents) as if to get the response "Wow, this is such a mature, adult game, and I'm such a mature, adult gamer to be playing it". When a character does a psychedelic substance (usually of a fictional origin), they're pretty much guaranteed to go on a mind-bending trip that far exceeds most, if not all, drug experiences in real life. So, this is a tribute to the weirdest drug-induced moments in video games. The kind that people who've glugged down the odd 'shroom shake will wonder whether there's a real-life substance that produces similar effects, while more innocent folk will think to themselves, "This is exactly why I don't do drugs".
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