10 Biggest WTF Drug Sequences In Video Games

10. Far Cry 3 - Berikansa Herba

There are a lot of crazy, otherworldly drugs around the world that you've probably never even heard of, and have only been consumed by tribal groups populating the world's jungles and other remote areas. I'm talking about kind of substances that have you communicating with primeval gods and getting acquainted with your spirit guardian, who's probably an anthropomorphic frog, panther or something. Hallucinogenic herbs like the Iboga root are used as a rite of passage in certain west African countries, but these aren't as extreme as the Berikansa Herb in Far Cry 3, which is "a poison for the weak" that only true warriors can handle. Upon hearing this information about the herb, any sane person would surely turn it down. You probably think you can handle it, but are you really a warrior like the tribal Pacific Islanders this drug is designed for? What if the uncertainty in the back of your mind sends you off on a fatal trip that you never awaken from? There's just too much uncertainty... But fratty backpacker-turned-tribal-hero Jason Brody is made of stronger stuff, and doesn't hesitate in downing the mystery fluid and leaping into a dark vision in which he fights a giant masked demon using a bow-and-arrow. In a game full of intense trips, this one tops the lot, especially as you have to fight off a whole bunch of mini-demons too. It's utterly insane, and you get the feeling that it could've to Jason's descent into insanity. Yet apparently, while Jason struggles for survival during his bizarre tribal vision, in real life he's been working his charms to do the dirty on an altar with tribal beauty Citra; a much nicer thing to wake up from a trip to than the feeling of emptiness and existential dread that often follows intense psychedelic experiences. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9dNUWxWTXM
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