10 Bizarre Methods To Heal Yourself In Video Games

Please don't try this at home.

Far Cry Healing

When you're playing through a game, you seldom focus on healing. On needing to heal, sure - as desperately backstepping in order to try and get just enough time to restore your failing health and get back into the fray without dying is an integral part of the vast majority of video games.

But medkits and bandages are never anywhere near as interesting as whatever else is going on, and so healing animations and restorative items fall into the background very quickly. This is helped by the fact that most healing items aren't exactly very interesting, as the same potions and mysterious ointments tend to appear time and time again, and quite fairly. Nobody is playing Dark Souls for the Estus Flask, after all.

But the fact we're almost trained to ignore the healing system in games aside from using it means it's very easy to overlook just how wild it is in many games. When you're not rubbing a sandwich on your face in the hopes this will save you, you're actively stabbing yourself in the arm to heal, or sitting around waiting for milk to rot into yoghurt so you can chug it for a health boost.

Things like this almost make it worth taking damage, if only so you can sit in shocked silence at how bizarre the process of restoring your health can often be.

10. Sandvich Edible Device - Team Fortress 2

Far Cry Healing

In the world of Team Fortress 2, you are constantly losing health and dying unless you are a serious pro, and even then sometimes it's impossible to not take hits.

There are three respites from this constant drain on your health. The first is med kits - because, well, they're in basically every game aren't they - and the second is the ever-trusty medigun of your team's medic, should you be lucky enough to have a player kind enough to spend their whole game basically getting yelled at. Some other weapons restore health, too, but it's usually not in a major capacity.

The third is category of "stuff that heals suffering players" is, comparatively, hilarious - because everything else is structured so you have to find either an unused medkit, or a friendly player.

Because the third category is an item for the Heavy class known as the Sandvitch. What is this, you ask? Well, it's... a sandwich, only Heavy prefers the letter V. Compared to technologically advanced guns and med kits, the idea a nice humble sandwich can also do the work is as wonderful as it is entirely silly.


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